UFCW Local 2D Collective Bargaining Agreements

All Brothers and Sisters of Local 2-D receive a copy of their Collective Bargaining Agreement upon hiring. If you do not have one and would like a copy, please contact the union office, and we will provide one for you.

Employer ContractsTermsExpires
Empire Merchants

3 years10/31/2020
Allied Beverage

3 years4/31/2020
Opici Wine Group

4 years9/30/2020
Empire Merchants North East

3 years5/31/2022
Empire Merchants North West

3 years1/31/2022
Brescome Barton

3 years2/28/2023
Southern Wine and Spirits

5 years5/31/2024
Gallo NJ – Extension Sep 30th, 2020

3 years3/31/2020
Breakthru Beverage

3 years6/30/2020
SGWS Delaware

3 years6/30/2022


Merchandiser & Display Contracts

Employer ContractsTermsExpires
Allied Merchandising3 years8/31/2023
Excelsior Merchandising Corp.3 years5/31/2021
Gallo Wine Merchandising3 years2/28/2021
Unique Display3 years6/30/2022
Galaxy Merchandising Co.3 years6/31/2023